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Get Help With Your Florida Vandalism Insurance Claim

Are you a commercial or residential property owner? If so, you run the risk of theft and vandalism. There are many factors that can increase or decrease these risks, including:

  • - Location of the property

  • - Type of business

  • - Type of property

  • - Economic level of the area

  • - Time of the year

If you are a victim of vandalism or stolen property, it can be a very frustrating case. The public insurance adjusters at Stellar Public Adjusting work tirelessly with owners to get a clear understanding of the scenario and make sure the vandalism damage claim is handled promptly and correctly.

Your Florida Vandalism Damage Public Insurance Adjusters

Stellar Public Adjusting, serving in Florida area since the 1980s, has grown in resources to professionally handle vandalism insurance claims in areas like Miami-Dade County, Broward County, Palm Beach County, and beyond.

Experts in Vandalism Insurance Claims

Oftentimes, other firms look to maximize their number of claims, settling on what they think is good enough. Here at Stellar Public Adjusting, we analyze each claim on a case-by-case basis to determine the proper strategy and approach for the claim. Our goal with every claim is to make sure that the insurance company complies with their obligations to their policyholder, properly and completely indemnifying them for their loss. Our top-notch public insurance adjusters are dedicated to making sure you receive the care you deserve after experiencing fire damage. Stellar’s value propositions include:

  • Free claim analysis.

  • No fee if there is no recovery.

  • All claims processed in-house (we don’t do referrals).

  • Seasoned, hand-picked experts in our office.


Types of Vandalism 

The most common type of property vandalism can occur when tenants are evicted from a commercial or residential property. Property owners enforce their rights to evict, thus upsetting their tenants and leading them to wreak havoc with no regard or respect for the owner or property. 

In some cases the tenants completely trash the premises, making holes in the walls, graffiti, smashing appliances and fixtures, and many other damaging things. 

This is where a public adjusting team comes in.  

We will make sure you have the appropriate coverage and then begin outlining the loss to proceed with an insurance claim.

What Are Vandalism and Theft? 

The intentional destruction of property is popularly referred to as vandalism. Some examples include:

  • – Breaking windows
  • – Slashing tires
  • – Spray painting a wall with graffiti
  • – Destroying a computer system through the use of a computer virus

Vandalism is a malicious act and may reflect personal ill will, although the perpetrators need not know their victim to commit vandalism. The recklessness of the act imputes both intent and malice.

Because the destruction of public and private property poses a threat to society, modern statutes make vandalism a crime. The penalties upon conviction depend on the extent of the damage but include:

  • – A fine
  • – Jail sentence
  • – An order to pay for repairs or replacement

In addition, a person who commits vandalism may be sued in a civil tort action for damages so that the damaged property can be repaired or replaced.

In law, the crime of taking the property or services of another without consent is called theft. Under most statutes, theft encompasses the crimes of larceny, robbery, and burglary. Larceny is the crime of taking and carrying away the goods of another with intent to steal. 

The Stellar Public Adjusting team will approach a vandalism and theft situation clearly with the knowledge and expertise to be able to successfully recover what you deserve.


How to Get Started on a Vandalism Insurance Claim

If you believe you are the victim of a malicious attack on your home, including damaged assets in your home, car, or business, the first step is to document everything.

Take photos of valuables, appliances, fixtures, computers, and other items. Remember to check with your insurance company regarding specific items and if a specific rider needs to be purchased to maintain coverage.

A vandalism damage public insurance adjuster advocates for the policyholder in appraising and negotiating an insurance claim. They are the only type of claims adjuster that can legally represent the rights of an insured during an insurance claim process.


Once hired, Stellar Public Adjusting does the following:

  • – We will inspect the property and accurately assess the damage.
  • – We will help you file an insurance claim to get the maximum amount. 
  • – We investigate your home’s past to get a full picture of the damage history. A public adjuster can open up insurance claims from years ago to explore if a homeowner received a fair and equitable recovery for the vandalism damage.
  • – Our team of skilled negotiators will meticulously go through all the evidence and document everything to make sure you get the most out of your settlement.
  • – A demand sum is then presented to the insurer for the assessed cost of damages.
  • – The cost is negotiated and a settlement is made. 

We’ll even help coordinate the vendor to help you restore your home, car, and/or assets back to top form!

Information Needed When Filing A Claim

When it comes to filing a vandalism insurance claim, the more information you have, the better.

To get you started on the vandalism damage claim process, be prepared to provide the following:

  • Policyholder information: Name of insured, address, phone number, e-mail, and policy number.
  • Description of loss: Time and date of loss, location of incident, detailed description of damages.
  • Authority notification: Please note all authorities notified (fire dept., police, etc.).
  • Emergency service companies & damage mitigation: Please let us know if you have already contacted any emergency service companies or performed any sort of damage mitigation.

Need help filing your vandalism insurance claims or handling an existing one? Our team of public adjusters, attorneys, contractors, mediators, and engineers is here to help. Stellar Public Adjusting offers a free claim analysis and an online claim platform.

Contact Stellar Public Adjusting today at 305-570-3519 and stay informed.

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What Clients Are Saying About Us


Vanessa R.

Friendly staff and work really hard to get what you deserve. I appreciate everything they did for me. Thank you again.

Vanessa R.


HIGHLY recommend Stellar Public Adjusting! Meticulously and professionally handled our claim, and stood by our side throughout the entire process! Thank you!


Philip O.

Worked with Stellar on a project involving a kitchen flood. They were always there to help & answer all the questions I had – and they reached a fair settlement with my insurance for me. I probably wouldn’t have gotten half of what I did without them! I’d easily recommend them to anyone needing a Public Adjuster.

Philip O.

Nicholas P., Miami Beach, FL

Glad I hired them. Stellar Public Adjusting assisted in my water damage claim in my condo from my neighbors pipe. They really know there stuff when it comes to claims. They obtained way more than my insurance company initially offered. A very professional company.

Nicholas P., Miami Beach, FL

Yossi K., Brooklyn, NY

David has done multiple claims for our real estate company, as well as for myself and friends. Always exceeds expectations. Highly reliable, and completely on top of his game. Highly recommended.

Yossi K., Brooklyn, NY

Marc C., Miami, FL

I have full confidence in the team at Stellar and do not recommend that anyone file an insurance claim without them. The insurance company is not on your side and they are not a good neighbor.

Stellar is on your side and they are in the neighborhood. Call them immediately when damage happens.

Marc C., Miami, FL

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