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Guide to Dealing With Insurance Adjusters

Written by admin on November 25, 2022 at 12:02 PM.

When you file an insurance claim, you’re going to have to learn about dealing with insurance adjusters the hard way. It’s best to go into meetings with insurance adjusters totally prepared for anything. Here’s a quick guide on dealing with insurance adjusters.

What Does an Insurance Claim Adjuster Do?

Claims adjusters do investigative work. They evaluate your property, collect evidence on the extent of the damage, and rule on your claim. Once an insurance claim is filed, a claims adjuster is called in to take over the process. Their job is to gather information, work out what happened, and find a “reasonable settlement price”.

It’s important you keep one thing in mind about this process. The adjuster works for the insurance company, they do not advocate for you. They’re not there to give you fair compensation. The adjuster is paid to calculate the lowest possible payout on your insurer’s behalf. Hence, you should go into your interactions with that knowledge.

Preparing to Meeting The Insurance Adjuster

Rule number one, be meticulous. Put together an itemized list of your belongings. Make sure you understand your insurance policy limits and exclusions. Keep notes of before, during, and after your meeting with the adjuster.

Once the claims process begins, here are a few things you should do in preparation for dealing with insurance adjusters.

  • Call your insurance provider: They can help you understand the ins and outs of your insurance policy. These phone calls can be very helpful as homeowners insurance policies can be very complicated. Your insurance agent should be able to help you get a better understanding of what’s covered and what isn’t. They may also gather information about your home and the damages done ahead of the adjuster’s visit.
  • File a report: Depending on what happened to your home, you may also need to file a report with your local fire department or sheriff’s office. Request copies of the reports to give to your insurance company. These documents provide a complete account of your loss and support your insurance claim.
  • Document all damages: With the advent of the smartphone, it’s easier than ever to document property damage done to your home. It’s good to have everything listed and photos of your belongings before and after the incident. This helps ensure that when the insurance adjuster does visit, nothing is overlooked.

Dealing With Insurance Adjusters During Their Visit

It’s important to note you don’t need to be present when the insurance adjuster visits; however, you should be. An insurance adjuster will come to your property to collect information about the extent of your loss. The adjuster’s findings determine the insurance payout you’ll receive.

It helps to be there with all the aforementioned documentation of damages, reports, etc. This way, you can personally make sure nothing is overlooked. Keep notes of all interactions with the adjuster; that way, you don’t miss anything either.

  • Communication is key. Speak clearly and make sure you understand everything being said or discussed. You’ll want to maintain a polite tone but remain sure of everything. You’ll want to seem reasonable and like a reliable claimant.
  • Be cooperative – within reason. It’s commonplace for insurance company adjusters to ask a lot of questions about the incident and damages. You can answer to the best of your ability but are not legally required to answer anything. If you are not confident in your ability to answer questions without compromising your claim, seek the assistance of a public adjuster or experienced lawyer. Never let them make you feel pressured into making decisions or giving information.
  • Keep it pithy. You don’t want to go into too much detail about your homeowners insurance claim. Make sure you speak concisely and clearly. The more information you give the adjuster, the more he or she will have to work with when trying to find a reason to deny your claim or minimize your payout. You don’t want to offer more information than is requested of you.
  • Keep a record. Take notes of everything discussed between yourself and the adjuster. If you can record the conversation in its entirety, do so. Make sure you get their name, the insurance company they work for, and all requisite information.

What to do after an insurance adjuster visits your property

When the adjuster’s visit is over, you’ll be required to submit any information related to your homeowners insurance claim within a period of time defined by your policy.

  • A statement describing the loss
  • An inventory of personal property losses
  • Specifications for damaged structures
  • Receipts for additional living expenses if you can’t live in your home – such as hotel or lodging

This process is simplified if you are meticulous about keeping notes and keeping itemized inventory and losses. You want your insurance company to have everything they need to provide fair compensation.

When an adjuster rules on your claim, you might be dissatisfied if they offer a small payout or reject the claim altogether. But you still have recourse.

  • Review the payout documents. Don’t sign offers from your insurance provider unless you’re satisfied with your compensation.
  • Contact the company. Call your insurance agent or a customer service representative, and request an itemized list showing how your estimate was calculated.
  • Request a reexamination. You can also ask the insurance adjuster to reexamine your property.

When to Call A Public Adjuster

When To Call A Public Adjuster

You should always consider hiring a public adjuster. The fact is, when dealing with insurance adjusters, you’re dealing with someone with the insurance provider’s best interest in mind and not your own. You should always bring in a public adjuster to examine your property.

On average, public adjusters find that insurance settlements are far lower than they should be. Insurance carriers are interested in saving money, not helping you. Public Adjusters can help you get the maximum amount out of your insurance company, on average getting up to 747% higher payouts.

Stellar Public Adjusting will protect you and your interests in claims against a loss with the insurance company to ensure you get a fair settlement. We are well-acquainted with the insurance claim journey and can help you navigate the insurance claims process.

For more homeowners insurance claim tips, stay tuned to our blog. We do our best to help spread our insurance knowledge to regular people like you!

Contact us today if you need a public adjuster because you’re looking for a fair resolution. Call our office at (888) 987-8355; Stellar Adjusting is open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

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Stellar is on your side and they are in the neighborhood. Call them immediately when damage happens.

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