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Insurance Claim Denial Help, Call Us!

Stellar Public Adjusting Services is ready to guide you in the event that an insurance claim has issued you a denial letter.

Insurance Claim Denial Insurance companies are businesses that have a duty to cover their interest as well as covering their agreements in your insurance policy. This doesn't mean that the insurance claim denial letter is sent out for every claim and the insured always is in a defensive stance. It does mean that sometimes a denial is sent and the reason for sending the denial might be correct; however, there's a difference of facts.

There are many times a denial letter is sent because the insurance company has based their decision on facts that would warrant a denial. In many cases, the insured has left out facts important to obtaining coverage and avoiding a denial letter. This happens because in many cases the insured is not aware of the entire situation or reports the facts differently. This often occurs in situations when a flood is reported when actually it was a broken pipe or mold is reported when it was actually a leak causing the mold. These subtle difference can mean the difference to receiving coverage or receiving a denial letter from the insurance company.

We Pay Attention To Detail Our team of professional public insurance claim adjusters will work diligently to respond to your denial letter. The first step in handling this type of response to your claim is to contact an insurance claims adjuster in your local area - Miami, Boca, Aventura, Ft. Lauderdale or the surrounding Dade and Broward counties.

The Next Step The insurance adjuster you hire will evaluate the facts and carefully review the denial letter. Our team is skilled in moving forward at this stage to aggressively determining the extend at which your situation can change from denial to coverage. Each insurance claim and insurance company is different and handled with an approach that is suitable for your claim. When you have your initial consultation you will get an idea of what is needed to get what you deserve in accordance with your policy.

KEEP YOUR RECORDS, STAY ORGANIZED In most cases of a insurance denial letter, the property owner keeps the actual letter; however, there might be several more correspondence relating to the denial and it's important that each is documented and organized. It's important that communications be done in writing and that the property owner have a record of conversations and letters sent/received from the insurance company. If you didn't call us first and you spoke to the insurance company and they made comments regarding your coverage, you can always write a letter confirming your conversation. A certified letter can create a paper trail of communication and we can best assist you by reviewing record of these

Stellar Public Adjusting Services is truly the premier Public Adjusting Firm providing unparalleled knowledge, experience and professionalism.

Our team of Public Adjusters services insurance claims across South Florida. Here are a few of the areas that are included - West Palm Beach insurance claims, Boca Raton, Aventura, Ft. Lauderdale, North Miami Beach, Miami, Miami Beach, Hollywood, Weston, Miami Shores, and the surrounding Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties.

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